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Fleet & Equipment

We rely on our own powerful, modern vehicle fleet. Equipped with newest technology, we offer you a smooth and cost-efficient process that meets your expectations.


All our trucks are of type Actros of Mercedes-Benz, latest version.

  • Modern navigation system
  • Connection to telemetry system
  • Autonomous driving level 2
  • Digital cockpit
  • 510 hp


Our trailers are state of the art and no older than two years.

  • Tarpaulin semitrailers
  • Megatrailers
  • Able to widen (3m extra width)
  • Coil troughs
  • Modern loading aids


For a smooth transport, we are well equipped.

  • Belts
  • Chains
  • Non-slip mats
  • Hazardous material equipment

Telematics Smart Logistics

Control over transport processes & downstream processes


FleetBoard // Control. Always. Everywhere.

All vehicles are equipped with the latest telematics hardware. That's how we keep track of every step and guarantee exact planning with precise execution.

The position of all vehicles is updated every 10 minutes. With the software FleetBoard we can respond to complications or special customer requests lightning fast.

In addition, with the telematics equipment we also check the deterioration of our trucks and trailers and initiate maintenance - long before problems can occur.

Modern Technology Reliable Service

For uninterrupted supply chains

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